7 Signs It May Be Time To Check Your Water Heater

When it comes to your hot water heater, you should be aware of the signs that it needs to be fixed or replaced.

Although a water heater is an appliance that can last for years, they do need maintenance occasionally. Addressing issues early before your unit gives out will save you both time and money.

Here are some of the signs your water heater may be going bad:

1. The Unit is Older and Starting to Deteriorate

The appearance of your water heater may give you some clues as to how it is doing. If there are noticeable cracks, dents, or rust spots on the tank, then the chances are that your water heater may be near its end.

2. There’s a Lack of Hot Water or Inconsistent Temperatures

Perhaps the biggest sign that your water heater is going bad is that it just doesn’t heat as well as it used to. If you start noticing inconsistent temperatures or it’s taking a LONG time for water to heat, there may be an issue with the tank.

3. You Notice Leaking at or Near the Heater

Water heaters do tend to leak, and your system may have some issues during its lifespan.

If your water heater does develop a leak, make sure you have the problem addressed immediately so it doesn’t end up causing damage to anything inside or outside of your home.

4. Your Bills Start to Climb

One major sign that your water heater is having issues is that your monthly costs starting rising. If you see your gas or electric bills go up without making significant changes to your usage, make sure you check the water heater.

5. You Start to Smell a Foul Odor

Another sign your water heater is going bad is that you start noticing a bad smell coming from it. This may be due to algae or other debris building up in the tank and then decaying when in contact with the water. Or, it could be an indication of some gas leak coming from the appliance. In either case, odd smells are typically bad. Get your unit checked by a pro.

6. Your Water Is Becoming Dirty or Discolored

Another sign that your hot water tank is in poor condition is when the water starts to look dirty. This may also indicate an issue with your plumbing, such as corrosion.

7. You Hear Popping or Other Noises from the Heater

Another sign that your water heater is going bad is hearing popping noises from it. If you hear unusual noises coming from the heater, it may be time to schedule an inspection.

Take Action

Like with virtually every home system, it’s more cost-effective long-term to take care of water heater issues promptly as they arise.

Knowing the signs of water heater decline, you’ll be able to enjoy water at your desired temperature, on-demand, as you should – and save money in the process.