The Hidden Ability Shared by Pro Athletes and Top Realtors

Calm under pressure. Technical expertise. Self-motivation. Focus.

These are skills associated with anyone who’s a top-performer in their field.

But there’s one ability that’s a given for top athletes but rarely discussed when it comes to Realtors.

“Muscle Memory”

It’s the concept athletes use by repeating the same process or action over and over so that particular behaviors become automatic. For example, when a baseball player is at bat, he isn’t thinking to himself, “Get on the balls of your feet. Bend your knees. Check your grip…” The checklist he runs through in his head is pre-programmed. There might be minor adjustments made here or there, but for the most part, he’s focused on the ball barreling towards him at 100 miles an hour. There are only fractions of a second to make the right call for that particular pitch, so techniques have to be so ingrained that they almost happen without thinking. 

“Curveballs” and the real estate transaction.

Just like in baseball where no two pitches are exactly the same, no two real estate transactions are exactly the same either! There could be termites, title issues, escrow errors, or just plain cold feet. All real estate agents know there are going to be a few curveballs before they knock it out of the park, but the difference between seasoned agents and rookies is that they know how to handle a last-minute change-up. Great agents can reassure their clients that no matter what’s thrown their way, they can react and adjust quickly to any challenge because they have excellent muscle memory, and a team to support them! If agents are doing it right, they don’t have to attack each challenge alone because they’ve built up a team of reinforcement around themselves.

Developing “Muscle Memory” Through the Experience of Trusted Solutions

One of the smartest, most efficient ways to improve your closing process is to build up a team of trusted partners to surround and support you. 

Create your network so that when you encounter a situation that might be unfamiliar, you know exactly where to turn for sound advice and a solution. Know a real estate lawyer in case you need documents reviewed. Partner with a mortgage advisor to make sure that your clients are getting the best rates possible. Have a moving company in your back pocket so that families that work with you know you’ve already got that step of the process covered.

Through the specific expertise of others, you’ll have an automatic response to anything that comes your way – “muscle memory by proxy”, so to speak.

Now while you are building your network, make sure your partners are experts at their trade and the real estate industry. One of the most difficult curveballs to overcome is a long list of closing repairs that might require you to connect with multiple contractors. Contractors are tricky. While a plumber might have the best reviews on Yelp, they might not be available to work within your tight timeline. Or maybe the electrician that comes highly recommended is excellent at new construction but isn’t as experienced with working with 100-year-old homes. Creating a team of closing repair specialists that’s ready to go to bat whenever you need them is nearly impossible to curate, train, and manage on your own as an agent. 

Instead of juggling dozens of home repair vendors, partner with one that manages all repairs for you.

By partnering with one company that specializes in closing repairs, you don’t have to worry about the fly ball out in left field, because they take care of the moving parts and pieces for you. You don’t have to deal with scheduling challenges or finding the right experience. All you have to do is slide into home plate on closing day on time and under your budget!

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