How to Overcome Contractor Shortages and Keep Deals on Track

In a seller’s market, when homes move fast, Realtors are on the hot seat more than ever.

On the listing side, they’re expected to both secure the best possible offers and keep the deal intact – but now under much tighter timelines and, in some cases, more challenging circumstances.

One of the most persistent challenges faced by Realtors is completing home repairs before closing.

While often a time-consuming and frustrating effort for Realtors, Carolina One Realtor Anita Thomas leverages PunchListUSA’s one-stop solution to sidestep common repair challenges.

We spoke with Anita about the current real estate landscape and how our solution recently helped her and her clients move forward with ease.

Anita Thomas, REALTOR®, Carolina One Real Estate

The Post-Covid Challenge: Finding Available Contractors

Because of Covid, the versatility and comfort of a home have become more important than ever. As a result, many homeowners are now either moving to their dream home or renovating their existing home to make it more functional.

The latter has put a constraint on the supply of contractors available to complete repairs – a significant obstacle that can impact closings when repairs are needed.

“In this market, we are competing with construction and with people updating their homes in general. And so, licensed contractors are busy all the time,” Thomas said.

With PunchListUSA, however, all the contractors she needs are under one roof, on-demand, eliminating potential delays.

“I contacted PunchListUSA and I was able to get four different contractors out there to do the work fast. They completed the work within two or three days.”

Getting Quotes in a Timely Manner

Finding available contractors is one thing; getting them out to the property to provide a timely quote is a whole other bottleneck.

“First of all, it depends if someone picks up the phone. You could easily call five different contractors because clients are going to want different quotes,” Thomas said. “And so, I could easily spend a week trying to piece that together.”

With PunchListUSA, a week of due diligence can now be completed within 24 hours — and 100% online.

“What is nice is that after we got the inspection report, I could upload the inspection report onto PunchListUSA’s website. PunchListUSA got back to me with an estimate within 24 hours,” Thomas said.

Transparency Throughout the Repair Process

With repairs, especially under contingency when time is tight and decisions need to be made quickly, price and quality become prime concerns.

“I think price is everybody’s worry. Nobody wants to get ripped off. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to,” Thomas said.

“I was able to get PunchListUSA out there to do work for just over $1,000. I don’t know that I could have done that with four separate contractors, gotten them out there in a timely manner to do the work, let alone at a reasonable price.”

And, when it comes to the issue of quality, PunchListUSA ensures all parties are on the same page.

“They took pictures of the repairs,” Thomas said. “So, if for some reason the buyer comes back after the transaction, and maybe they didn’t get to look through the house as thoroughly as they would have liked, it’s all documented. It’s all there. This is great documentation for me and the client to have.”

Solving Repair Issues at Scale

The broader issue facing Realtors is that they don’t serve only one client at a time — they serve many.

“Every client expects that they are the only person going through this right now. And as they should. It’s their largest investment. So, they expect complete attention to it.”

With PunchListUSA, from estimates to repairs, the repair experience is consistent regardless of the home or repairs needed. When you take the time savings PunchListUSA provides and apply it across all transactions, Realtors can expect to reclaim countless hours of their productivity.

For Anita, this gives her the ability to provide more personalized and attentive service.

“I have other transactions going on. I have the same responsibilities for multiple clients. And I aim to give each one of them 100%. PunchListUSA helps me do that.”

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