How to Make Home Repairs (Virtually) Virtual

COVID’s impact on real estate has been discussed ad nauseam. Been there, done that, shaved the quarantine beard.

But, while we all wait for a return to “2019 levels” of normalcy, it’s important to acknowledge that a higher degree of health consciousness appears to have been baked into the real estate cake.

Many buyers and sellers, even if they’re vaccinated, will continue to desire transaction services that are “safer.”

And, if they can get stuff done without having to meet in-person – even better!

For Realtors, it will continue to be important to provide solutions that accommodate a wider range of preferences and make all buyers and sellers feel comfortable.

But, can this be done with home repairs?

The traditional home repair process typically requires A LOT of in-person interaction:

  • Meeting with multiple trades to get quotes
  • Contractors coming and going over the course of a week or two to complete repairs
  • Homeowners and Realtors popping in to check on progress and repair quality

While we can’t make repairs 100% virtual, we can offer the next best thing: a contactless experience that dramatically reduces foot traffic in the home.

Here are three ways we make your repairs virtually virtual:

Online Estimates

Getting separate quotes from multiple plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, and roofers? That’s A LOT of people traversing your client’s engineered hardwood floors.

With PunchList, this isn’t necessary.

All you need to do is provide us with your repair list and inspection report online. Leveraging our skilled trades and repair estimating technology, we can get you a full repair estimate in as little as 24 hours.

One estimate for all repairs, 100% online.

Pit Crew” Approach

Because contractors often have multiple projects on the go, repairs can drag on for weeks.

This not only inconveniences homeowners by forcing them to work their schedules around repairs – it often means repeated in-person interactions with multiple handymen.

PunchList, however, is designed to make repairs as efficiently as possible. When you book repairs with us, we’ll assign PunchList Pros who are available to complete your repairs in the shortest possible timeframe.

Like a pit crew, they’re in and out fast.

And best of all, because we have Project Success Managers who coordinate everything and keep all parties in the loop, the homeowner doesn’t even need to be present!

Less foot traffic, no interaction – and no marathon repairs.

The “Peace of Mind” Promise

It’s one thing to do repairs quickly; it’s another to do them right.

Normally, Realtors, homeowners, buyers, and inspectors will be in the home at some point during and after repairs to make sure everything’s been done properly.

Again, this means more foot traffic and in-person interaction.

To create transparency and confidence, and potentially eliminate the need for in-person interaction, PunchList provides before and after photos of every repair online, can walk all parties through the repairs virtually and, to top it all off, includes a one-year repair warranty that stays with the home.

The Final Piece of Your Virtual Puzzle

You’ve already got the rest of your virtual systems in place. With PunchList, you can now offer the missing piece: a repair solution that provides fast, guaranteed-quality repairs every transaction – with potentially zero contact between homeowner and contractor.

For the COVID-conscious, it’s a virtual slam dunk.

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