How We Became Real Estate’s Most Sanitary Repair Solution

It goes without saying that, in 2020, all of us —individuals and businesses alike— have learned to expect the unexpected.

At PunchList, for example, we started this year with a simple goal: provide even more value for real estate agents and homeowners by making our repair service faster and more convenient.

And while we, to this day, continue to follow through on these fronts, something unexpected happened along the way:

We became the real estate industry’s “sanitary repair solution.”

Sure, this wasn’t our intention. But, when you look at how our service works, we are uniquely built for the demands of coronavirus-conscious clients.

Here’s how:

Online Estimates

“Just upload your inspection report and repair list, and we’ll get a full repair estimate back to you within 1-2 business days.”

This has always been popular with agents because, no matter what defects the home inspection uncovers, they can get the full estimate they need fast without contractors visiting the house.


Speed and simplicity aside, the contactless aspect of our estimate service has become essential for many agents and homeowners, allowing them to move deals forward and without fearing for their health and safety.

Fast, Low-Traffic Repairs

When a variety of repairs are needed, it’s not uncommon to have different handymen from different companies coming and going for days and weeks.

A sample scenario:

  • The plumber will be there Tuesday from 2-4 pm
  • The painter will be there Thursday from 10am – 5pm
  • The handyman fixing the wood rot and siding will be there, well, whenever they’re available

The longer the project is spread out, and the more contractors that are involved, the more interactions there are, increasing the opportunity for contamination.

With PunchList, repairs are often completed by one small team. They show up at the same time, they leave at the same time and, often, they get the job done within a day or so. 

This approach not only reduces the number of people in the home, it prevents days or weeks of constant in-and-out traffic —the last thing anyone wants right now.

A Predictable, Contact-Free Experience

Because we specialize in closing repairs, and our efforts are often consolidated to one or two contractors, our repairs are predictable.

You’ll know exactly when we’ll arrive and when we’ll leave — often during standard business hours.

This centralized approach with predictable timelines makes it significantly easier for homeowners to plan to be away from the home, if so desired.

Also, our contractors, by default, take before-and-after photos of the repairs. Even the final walkthrough can be 100% virtual!

It’s possible —and it happens more often than not— for the homeowner to never physically meet our team.


None of us, when 2020 began, envisioned a world where shaking hands and being within six feet of someone else would be risky — and we all hope that society will return to normal in the very near future.

But, for the time being, the situation the way it is, we’re happy to offer agents and homeowners not only quick, convenient, and high-quality repairs – but also the most sanitary experience possible.