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How to Win More Clients with the “Virtual-First” Home Sale

COVID’s impact on society, in some ways, appears to be permanent.

Remote working, for many, is here to stay (hence all the out-of-state relocations!).

Safety will continue to be a concern for many – even beyond mass vaccination.

And, after a year of online ordering and curbside pickup, people are simply more inclined to seek “virtual-first” products and services.

These three outcomes in particular point to a fundamental change in consumer behavior – a development that will continue to impact Realtors.

Virtual-first, “contactless” home purchase and sale options will continue to be in demand.

As a result, when evaluating Realtors, more and more buyers and sellers will want to know two things:

  1. “How effective are you at managing the home purchase/sale process virtually?”
  2. “What steps will you take to keep me safe?”

Being able to demonstrate your proficiency in both areas is essential to standing out and winning clients.

The good news: delivering a consistent, “virtual-first” purchase and sale experience is easier than you may think!

Here are four strategies to help you make it happen:

1. Take the “Amazon” Approach

Today, more buyers are making purchase decisions online – without even visiting the home! This makes your listing’s online presence more important than ever.

Knowing that Amazon is the gold standard for online retail, it only makes sense to emulate the formula used by its most successful products!

Amazon Best Seller listings are complete and compelling. They leverage HD pictures, video walkthroughs, and tight, benefit-focused write-ups that give buyers the confidence to BUY NOW.

For your listing, this equates to professional photography, captivating virtual tours, city and neighborhood highlights (remember those out-of-state buyers!), a bullet-point list of the home’s top benefits, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Not only will the completeness and quality of your presentation entice buyers to click the CONTACT AGENT button, but it’s also a relatable way to explain to prospective sellers how you’ll present – and potentially sell! – their home online.

2. Showcase Your Zoom Skills

Virtual showings are nothing new at this point (you’ve probably done three of them today!). 

But, with buyers and sellers now relying heavily on your ability to show homes virtually, it may be to your advantage to provide them with a sneak peek of “what it’s like to buy and sell with me remotely.”

Consider creating a mock Zoom walkthrough to showcase your virtual presentation skills online. It’ll give prospective buyers and sellers confidence that you’re an effective “Zoom Agent” able to sell homes to anyone, anywhere.

3. eSign Education

To you, tools like DocuSign are old news.

But, that doesn’t mean that all buyers and sellers are eSign experts.

As part of your virtual experience, consider providing a video primer on the eSign process as well as the standard clauses any buyer or seller will need to understand.

Sure, not all clients will need it – and you’ll, of course, walk them through their contract personally – but this extra touch presents you as the Realtor who “gets it” and goes above and beyond to make your clients comfortable in an online world.

4. Contactless Closing Repairs

There will always be defects with resale homes; getting them repaired virtually, by traditional means, is virtually impossible!

But, with PunchList, you can now promise a solution that, in many cases, completely eliminates contact between Realtor, homeowner, and contractor: a huge selling feature for COVID-conscious and online-centric clients!

Start by getting an online repair estimate, then book your repairs with a few taps on your smartphone. PunchList will select the right Pros for your project, who will complete repairs efficiently, take photos for all to approve, and provide a one-year warranty that stays with the home – all without the homeowner needing to be present! 

And, because PunchList has a skilled trade for every repair, it’s the sanitary solution you can recommend every transaction.

Gain the Edge by Delivering “Virtual-First”

With more and more home buyers and sellers seeking virtual solutions, Realtors who can promise and deliver a virtual sale under any circumstances are at an advantage over those who cannot.

By taking these steps, and using services designed for today’s buyer and seller preferences, you’ll position yourself as the Realtor of choice for the many now seeking “virtual-first” solutions.

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