PunchList CL100 Terms & Conditions 

1. In accordance to PunchList Company Policy, CL100 items will only be evaluated and repaired if:

      A. We are approved to perform/have already performed repairs associated with a home inspection and/or repair list at the same address.

2. CL-100 inspections that do not have color photos and locations of the deficient items require site evaluation for a charge of $200.00. This will take place at the time of repairs mentioned in 1.A.

3. PunchList can provide an estimate for CL100 repairs without a site evaluation if:

      A. We can see or verify the issues in the attachments you provide through our repair estimate form submission. 

4. If repairs are deemed necessary and when PunchList has completed the repairs, we will provide an invoice, as well as before and after photos. 

5. If it is determined that certain items do not need to be repaired at the time of the site evaluation, we will provide this information in an email.  

6. Under no circumstances do we provide letters stating "a home is structurally sound."

Please see Bulletin 16: Wood Infestation Report - A Guide for Home Buyers, Sellers, and Builders for more.