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Crawl Space Water Problems

Let’s start by stating the obvious – Crawl spaces suck.  They are dirty, wet and filled with spiders, snakes and creepy crawly things that you rather never see.  So that’s why you never go under your house.  For most of us, the last time you saw or even thought about your crawl space is when you purchased the home and saw pictures of it on the home inspection.

You were buying the home and your home inspector noted how terrible the conditions were in the crawl space.  From there, your realtor got pricing to fix the mess along with all the other leaks, cracks and things not working.  You went back to the seller with a request to fix it or better yet, discount the price of the home in lieu of repairing it.  No big surprise that the seller didn’t want to fix it either and gave up a few thousand bucks to convince you to buy the home.

Congrats, you are a new homeowner with money in your pocket to fix the issues.  The next thing you do is buy planter boxes, paint the front door and begin looking at how to remodel your kitchen.  Crawl space, what crawl space?

Here’s where the haunting comes in.

Fast forward 7 years later.  Now you are ready to collect on your hard earned equity and you put your home on the market.  You luck up and get a great offer and you accept.  Then the pain begins.  The buyer gets a home inspection and guess what?  Yep, you guessed it, your crawl space is in even worse condition than it was 7 years ago and the buyer is asking for big money to fix it.  Wood rot, saturated ductwork, mold and more await the next buyer if you don’t pony up.

More than money

It’s not just the money you have to fork out, buyers have a tendency to get cold feet when they are faced with something big, hard to solve, and they don’t understand it.  The more dings on that inspection list, the more likely your buyer walks completely.  And the next buyer will have the exact same issues.

Stop kicking the can and get your crawl space repaired before you list your home.  Better yet, take the money the seller gives you at the closing and do it right away.  Then you will enjoy all the benefits of a healthy crawl space the whole time you live there.