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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make an estimate request?

We’ve reduced the time it takes to get an accurate estimate down to a 60-second form submission.

  1. Go to our estimate request page
  2. Upload your inspection report and repair addendum
  3. Select the turnaround you require (1 business day is $49; 2 business days is free)

And that’s it! We’ll send you an accurate estimate by email within the timeframe you selected.

How much does it cost to get an estimate?

With PunchList, you’ll never have to pay for a repair estimate. Our 2 business day turnaround option is always free.

If you need your estimate within 1 business day, you can upgrade to our rush service for $49.

Do I need to meet with a contractor at the house?

No. Typically, from your inspection report and repair list, we have what we need to create an accurate repair estimate.

When will I get my estimate?

You’ll receive your estimate within 2 business days. If you’ve upgraded to our rush service, you’ll receive it within one business day.

How will I receive my estimate?

We’ll send your estimate to the email address you provide when making the request.

What can I expect in my estimate?

You can expect a detailed list of repairs that match the defects outlined in both your inspection report and repair list, with their associated cost.

To make the estimate easy to digest, the repair list is broken by repair type (e.g. plumbing, carpentry, roofing, etc.)

You will be able to access the estimate online. This makes it easy to share with other parties involved with the transaction.

Learn more about our dynamic estimates here.

What if I need to remove repairs from my estimate?

Your estimate is like an online shopping cart. You can easily remove the repairs you don’t need; the estimate total will automatically recalculate.

See how it works here.

How does pricing work?

Unlike handyman services, our rates are not by the hour but rather by the job. We give our clients up-front pricing instead of being at the mercy of hourly work that can run longer than estimated.

What is the difference between an estimate and a quote?

A quote, similar to an estimate, has detailed work descriptions with pricing but is a contractual offer to not exceed the prices displayed. Estimates are not contracts and pricing is subject to change based upon actual conditions. PunchList typically needs to see the actual conditions at the home before being able to firm up numbers to produce a quote whereas an estimate can be produced in several hours using a home inspection and the information you provide.

Why use estimates and quotes?

PunchList utilizes estimates because we know how important it is to get a good handle on the numbers quickly.  Most initial estimates go through several iterations due to the negotiations that go on in pre-closing. Many times a specialty subcontractor is needed to quote certain parts of the work before PunchList can quote a fixed price to you.  This takes time and if we did this upfront on every transaction, your due diligence would be in jeopardy and you could potentially lose a deal over not having a price.

I don’t have an inspection report - can I still get a repair estimate?

Yes – but we’ll need to visit the property and do what we call a pre-listing evaluation.

You can learn more about this option here.


How do I schedule repairs?

You can do this in a matter of a few clicks. In your online estimate, simply click “Approve & Schedule”. From there, provide us with your timelines and any other details we should know. We’ll then schedule our team of contractors based on your timelines.

Do I need to make a deposit?

No. For work done during the transaction, we don’t require deposits. Just book the repairs, and we’ll get started.

When do I pay for the repairs?

You have two options: you can pay for the repairs in full after they’ve been completed, or you can pay at closing when funds are more readily available.

Who coordinates the repairs?

We do! When you click “Approve & Schedule” and book your repairs, a PunchList Success Manager will be assigned to your repair project. They are your main point of contact from start-to-finish; they schedule our contractors, keep track of progress, and keep you informed throughout the process.

Who completes the repairs?

Our team is comprised of licensed contractors from all trades. One of the main benefits of working with PunchList is that no matter what you need repaired, we have an expert on our team who is skilled and available to complete your repairs on time.

How will I know when repairs are complete?

Your Success Manager will contact you when all repairs have been made. We also provide photo proof of each repair, which you can access online.

Is there a minimum price to perform work?

We can estimate any job regardless of price.  We do however have a $500 minimum charge to perform work on site ($750 in the Washington DC metro area).

What if I want to do part of the work myself?

PunchList can provide pricing for your entire list but if you decide to perform some of the work yourself, that’s ok with us.  Just make sure you read your repair addendum first.  It may stipulate you must use a licensed contractor.

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