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I’ve been using the same repair provider for years – why change?

If your provider answers your calls and returns messages as good as we do, then please stick with him.  There are some really great contractors out there, but even the best get sidelined with other work, and let’s face it, home repair work is small potatoes for the good contractors. PunchList pledges to only tend to the home inspection repair business for agents and homeowners who decide to either repair before listing or list themselves.  We won’t be building decks and sunrooms in the meantime.  We are waiting by the phone to service your needs.

Should I be present on-site to meet the technician?

As long as we have a home inspection and/or repair addendum list, you do not have to be present.  It’s always a good idea if you can be so you can discuss details with our technician.

Does PunchList perform Pre-Listing evaluations and repairs?

Pre-Listing evaluations and repairs are some of our most popular services we perform for agents and their clients.  We can perform a detailed top-to-bottom evaluation or just work off the list you’ve created.  All of our evaluations come with detailed pricing.


What can I expect in an estimate?

An estimate is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a document estimating the cost to perform the work you’ve requested.  PunchList estimates utilize a proprietary pricing tool to quickly analyze the home inspection to prepare your estimate accurately and quickly.  Each estimate shows  work items grouped by type (i.e plumbing, carpentry, roofing, etc), along with a price for each.

Once I fill out an estimate request, when can I expect a response?

After you’ve completed an estimate request online, PunchList’s goal is to have you a written estimate within the time period selected on the submission form.  Typically, you will hear from one of our team members within a few hours to confirm we have all the information we need.

What’s the difference between an estimate and a quote?

A quote, similar to an estimate, has detailed work descriptions with pricing but is a contractual offer to not exceed the prices displayed.  Estimates are not contracts and pricing is subject to change based upon actual conditions. PunchList typically needs to see the actual conditions at the home before being able to firm up numbers to produce a quote whereas an estimate can be produced in several hours using a home inspection and the information you provide.

Why use estimates and quotes?

PunchList utilizes estimates because we know how important it is to get a good handle on the numbers quickly.  Most initial estimates go through several iterations due to the negotiations that go on in pre-closing. Many times a specialty subcontractor is needed to quote certain parts of the work before PunchList can quote a fixed price to you.  This takes time and if we did this upfront on every transaction, your due diligence would be in jeopardy and you could potentially lose a deal over not having a price.


How does pricing work?

Unlike handyman services, our rates are not by the hour but rather by the job.  We give our clients up-front pricing instead of being at the mercy of hourly work that can run longer than estimated.

Is there a minimum price to perform work?

We can estimate any job regardless of price.  We do however have a $500 minimum charge to perform work on site.

What if I want to do part of the work myself?

PunchList can provide pricing for your entire list but if you decide to perform some of the work yourself, that’s ok with us.  Just make sure you read your repair addendum first.  It may stipulate you must use a licensed contractor.