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Flexible Estimates That Move Deals Forward

No home sale is the same.

Every buyer and seller has their own needs, wants, and constraints – which in turn requires flexibility on both sides during negotiations.

With flexibility in mind, we’ve made it easy for you to modify your PunchList closing repair estimate on the fly!

It’s like an online shopping cart. Simply click to remove the repair items you don’t need, and the estimate will recalculate.

This allows buyers, sellers, and agents to negotiate repairs faster and move the deal forward.

Then knock out your repairs – with a simple click!

Simply click “Approve & Schedule” to proceed with the repairs.

From there, PunchList takes care of the scheduling, coordination, and management of the project – and provides the contractors who will knock out your repairs when you need them done.

It’s a simple but powerful solution that moves deals – and people – forward.