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5 Defects That Can Kill Your Listing

When a home lingers on the market, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to spend sleepless nights wondering WHY?

  • Is the above-ground pool a turnoff?
  • Is it the magenta paint in the living room?
  • Should we get rid of the shag carpet in the bathroom?

(The answer to the last question is YES, by the way.)

While there may be uncertainty about which issues are stalling your sale, you’ll want to make certain these 5 deal-killing defects are not in the mix.

Structural Issues

The last thing a buyer wants to see when they look at a home is evidence that the bones aren’t strong. Structural issues are an instant turn off. Floors can be updated and walls can be painted, but a cracking foundation or a faulty footing may send buyers running for more stable ground.

Black mold and moisture in the corner of room on white wall.


What’s that smell? Oh, its mold. Nothing makes a buyer with a family run faster than the potential of a health hazard. Mold can grow out in the open but, usually, it is hidden under cabinets, in crawl spaces or basements. One sniff of a mold problem and potential buyers are moving on.

Wood Rot

Is that door frame in the bathroom crumbling? It’s probably wood rot. No one wants to see a house literally fall apart between their fingers. Wood rot that’s eating through crown moldings and kitchen cabinets can have a potential sale crumbling too.


Bugs in the backyard are one thing, but bugs in the framing of a home is another. Termites eating through the structure of a home can be a terrifying problem for a new homeowner to tackle. Most will take their bug spray and their business elsewhere.  

Crawl Space

While most homeowners steer clear of the crawl space under their houses, most still want to know it’s safe. Flooding or cracking in a crawl space can make buyers wonder what else isn’t up to par.  

How to Remove Deal Killers from the Listing Equation

The issues most likely to burn you during the listing? They exist right now. That’s why, as a Realtor or homeowner, your most proactive course of action is to identify and eliminate deal killers before you list.

Start by getting the home evaluated by professionals. In our case, for example, we look specifically for defects like the ones above, provide an estimate within a business day, and are available to complete the repairs fast.

After your evaluation, strongly consider making the critical repairs prior to listing.

And while home renovation shows have empowered many homeowners to try projects on their own, fixing serious issues like this isn’t a job for an amateur. Make sure to get qualified contractors to do the job right. 

Looking for signs of these 5 major issues can save a sale before its lost. With these defects out of the way, you can list confidently and sell your home faster.